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Definition of "governance" []

  • The act, process, or power of governing; government: "Regaining a sense of the state is thus an absolute priority, not only for an effective policy against . . . terrorism, but also for governance itself” ( Moorhead Kennedy). (noun)
  • The state of being governed. (noun)

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Use "governance" in a sentence
  • "In this context I would like to mention such important issues as: the responsibility of the members and structures of our movement and the broad democratic movement to defend the democratic state and its institutions; respect for the institutions of the democratic state by members and supporters of our movement; respect for the institutions of the democratic state and public property owned by the people as a whole, during the exercise of the entrenched democratic right to engage in public demonstrations; the use of force during public demonstrations and mass protests resulting in such unacceptable actions as violent assaults against the people, intimidation in various forms, looting and destruction of property; the deepening of popular participation in governance through such interventions as the Ward Committee system and the Izimbizo process; the constituency work of our public representatives at national, provincial and local levels, and its relevance to the process of democratisation; the place of civic street committees and similar structures, as well as non-governmental and community based organisations in the process of deepening our democracy; the concerns raised by the media about restrictions to the freedom of the press, as well as issues that relate to the responsibility and public accountability of the media; and, the full integration of the institution of traditional government within our democratic system of governance�."
  • "I felt that her abandoning Alaska governance is a gain for the Alaskans especially to the Inuit people."
  • "Our security standards -- what we call governance management -- is one of the core disciplines we are focused on."