Definition of "cade" [cade]

  • (adjective) Left by its mother and reared by hand: a cade calf.
  • (noun) A bushy juniper, Juniperus oxycedrus, of the Mediterranean region that is used in horticulture and whose wood yields juniper tar. Also called prickly juniper.
  • (noun) a juniper tree, Juniperus oxycedrus of the Mediterranean region, the wood of which yields an oily brown liquid (oil of cade) used to treat skin ailments

Use "cade" in a sentence

  • "She is so absorbed in William and his words that she has no sense of how comical these constitutionals appear to those who pass them by: William with what De Quincey described as his "cade" - like stride - "a cade being some sort of insect which advances by an oblique motion" - that would edge his companions off the road, Dorothy with what De Quincey called her"
  • "I will agree, in a time of mounting deficits and a poor economy, some of the Dems ideas are to expensive to implement at this time and we can all look to Medicare/cade, Social Sec. and Veteran Affairs as examples of govt. poorly running a program with public funds (oh heck, look at our public schools)."
  • "The defections are adding to a problem American b-schools have faced for the better part of the past de cade: a shortage of business Ph.D. s to teach the 100,000-plus students who enroll in graduate-level business programs each year."

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