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Definition of "ade" []

  • A suffix of nouns of French or other Romance origin, as accolade, ambuscade, brigade, cannonade, lemonade, etc., or of (a few) English nouns formed on the same model, as blockade, orangeade.
  • A suffix of nouns of Spanish or Italian origin (originally masculine form of preceding), as brocade, renegade, etc. It also appears in the Spanish form -ado, as in renegado, desperado.
  • A suffix of Greek origin, now usually -ad, as in decade (sometimes decad), nomade (usually nomad, like monad, triad, etc.).
  • A drink of the lemonade or orangeade class. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ade" in a sentence
  • "Her façade is starting to flicker and fade into an electric blue haze, allowing me to see her true metallic shape underneath."
  • "For that reason its exterior façade is made of limestone on the ground floor and an innovative terra-cotta cladding on the upper floors."
  • "The front façade is dominated by a 30-foot tall vertical “airfoil” fin, which is actually a structural column, and is also made of stainless steel."