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Definition of "bosons" [bosons]

  • Plural form of boson. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "bosons" in a sentence
  • "Assuming that the parity operator is hermitian, meaning it is observable, means that its eigenvalues can only be real, meaning there are only two possibilities: 1 or -1. (squareroot of 1 is either 1 or -1). which leads to the conclusion that in this simplified case of two particles in one dimension there are two types of wavefunctions, one we will call bosons and the other fermions."
  • "He talked about the various unresolved problems of the Standard Model, and the hypothetical theory called supersymmetry, which connects particles of matter, called fermions, with particles that carry forces, called bosons."
  • "The discoveries described in Science also would apply to clocks using atoms known as bosons, which, unlike fermions, can exist in the same place and energy state at the same time."