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Definition of "gluon" [gluon]

  • A hypothetical massless, neutral elementary particle believed to mediate the strong interaction that binds quarks together. (noun)

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Use "gluon" in a sentence
  • "One of the bosons there are four flavours sticks them together and is called a gluon, which sounds like glue and is therefore probably the easiest concept out of all of this comprehend."
  • "I think the interiors of black holes are dual to a condensate phase of gauge fields, such as gluon plasmas probed at RHIC, and that these objects are determined by a dilaton field to contain information for an AdS (Anti-deSitter) spacetime and its conformal infinity."
  • "The goal is to study lots of processes, but most significantly to create really hot, dense conditions where we may be able to observe a phase transition in QCD to something called the quark-gluon plasma."
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