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  • A republic in NW Africa, on the Mediterranean: became independent in 1962, after more than a century of French rule; one-party constitution adopted in 1976; religious extremists led a campaign of violence from 1988 until 2000; consists chiefly of the N Sahara, with the Atlas Mountains in the north, and contains rich deposits of oil and natural gas. Official languages: Arabic and Berber; French also widely spoken. Religion: Muslim. Currency: dinar. Capital: Algiers. Pop: 38 087 812 (2013 est). Area: about 2 382 800 sq km (920 000 sq miles) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "(Three players from algeria team wounded when their bus is hit by a hail of stones from egypt fans, the attack is apparently planned by the algerian team, fans in algeria retort with vandalism in algiers.)"
  • "I'll have to tone down my criticism of raider nation, after hearing about the shenanigans at the egypt/algeria soccer playoffs:"
  • "Think of the colonial wars after WWII, like algeria and indonisia and other colonies that were trying to get rid of the european occupiers."
  • "Born in algeria, resident in britain and visited the US many times, I have many inteligent friends there, but I can never say all the others are G.W.bush, I think you have a lot to learn, you shoul not believe every thing you see on tv."
  • "The constitution of algeria allows only 2 termes but “they” are talking about ammending the constitution so that the very old 70 years old president can remain president because we all know he will be “reelected” again."