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Definition of "allegorism" [allegorism]

  • Allegory or allegorical writing. (noun)
  • Allegorical interpretation, especially of the Scriptures. See the extract. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "allegorism" in a sentence
  • "The method of exegesis known as allegorism, whereby the speculations of the Christian theologians were provided with an apparently scriptural basis, was taken over from the Jewish and"
  • "Stoicism indeed seems to fall back into the materialism that I prevailed before Plato and Aristotle; but the ethical dualism which dominated the mood of the Stoic philosophers, did not in the long run tolerate the materialistic physics; it sought and found help in the metaphysical dualism of the Platonists, and at the same time reconciled itself to the popular religion by means of allegorism, that is, it formed a new theology."
  • "Pagan or Chris - tian allegorism of myth is dismissed or degraded as wrongly dignifying myth or else ignoring history in favor of mystery."