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Definition of "yarrow" []

  • Any of several plants of the genus Achillea of the composite family, especially A. millefolium, native to Eurasia, having finely dissected foliage and flat corymbs of usually white flower heads. Also called achillea, milfoil. (noun)

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Use "yarrow" in a sentence
  • "Native perennials such as yarrow and coyote bush were set into a hillside where a stand of eucalyptus had been leveled; Douglas iris and rushes were added to the boggy area where the spring bubbles from below the trunk of a wax myrtle."
  • "In South America the "round-headed hassar" of Guiana, _Callicthys littoralis_, and the "yarrow," a species of the family Esocidæ, although they possess no specially modified respiratory organs, are accustomed to bury themselves in the mud on the subsidence of water in the pools during the dry season. ["
  • "Instead, he indulges his weed-mindfulness, enjoying the sight of "cow parsley and primrose in the spring" and "the fat tussocks of yarrow and plantain" in the summer."
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