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Definition of "yard" []

  • A fundamental unit of length in both the U.S. Customary System and the British Imperial System, equal to 3 feet, or 36 inches (0.9144 meter). See Table at measurement. (noun)
  • Nautical A long tapering spar slung to a mast to support and spread the head of a square sail, lugsail, or lateen. (noun)
  • A tract of ground next to, surrounding, or surrounded by a building or buildings. (noun)
  • A tract of ground, often enclosed, used for a specific business or activity. (noun)
  • An area where railroad trains are made up and cars are switched, stored, and serviced on tracks and sidings. (noun)

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Use "yard" in a sentence
  • "If you intended to sell or measure produce or goods of any kind, it would be essential to know how many pints or quarts are contained in a gallon, or in a bushel, or how many inches there are in a yard, and you also ought to know just what the quantity term _bushel_ or the measurement _yard_ means."
  • "It'll work just fine. a yard is a yard and nothing will change that. when you yardage it from a tree stand it will be off a bit but just aim at the distance the animal is from the bottom of your treestand. make some markers before you go in your stand."
  • "I know grass will grow in it because my yard is the same type of soil."