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Definition of "wear out" [wear out]

  • To cause (something) to become damaged, useless, or ineffective through continued use, especially hard, heavy, or careless use. (verb)
  • To deteriorate or become unusable or ineffective due to continued use, exposure, or strain. (verb)
  • To exhaust; to cause or contribute to another's exhaustion, fatigue, or weariness, as by continued strain or exertion. (verb)
  • To become exhausted, tired, fatigued, or weary, as by continued strain or exertion. (verb)
  • Of apparel, displayed in public. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "wear out" in a sentence
  • "I broke it to him as gently as I could that it would have to wear out or be cut out, and tried to make him see that it was better to be a bald-headed boss on a large salary than a curly-headed clerk on a small one; but, in the end, he resigned, taking along a letter from me to the friend who had recommended him and some of my good bone-meal."
  • "We knit in family and name patterns too, so every sweater our lads wear out to sea tells folk they came from Caerfalas."
  • "The job used to be done by hand, with files, and Eric records in A Million Wild Acres how Bert Ruttley, who worked for Jack Underwood at the Rocky Creek Mill for thirty years, would wear out four files every weekend, gulleting the circular saws to lengthen their worn teeth."
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