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Definition of "was" [was]

  • First and third person singular past indicative of be. See Regional Note at you-uns. (verb)

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Use "was" in a sentence
  • "However, Razzaq swung hugely at Sidebottom and was caught at short third man, Gul pulled the next ball to deep square leg and Shoiab, having hit Bresnan for only the sixth four of the innings to go with the three sixes,  was comprehensively yorked to give the bowler his third wicket."
  • "It was, they might concede, yes,  for now, genuinely quite interesting; a bit of an anomaly, but we had all the time in the world and there was nothing particularly at stake - or if you like there was   something very particular at stake, the anomaly bit, but it would soon be an anomaly no more and no rush about it."
  • "Sam Heldman: Maybe the brief was in opposition to a motion to dismiss, and maybe the brief in support of the motion to dismiss included a sentence saying that the case *was* an “insane lawsuit brought in ignorance” blah blah blah."