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Definition of "uppishness" [uppishness]

  • The state, or an instance, of being uppish. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "uppishness" in a sentence
  • "Barby, I believe, has a good opinion of us, and charitably concludes that we mean right; but some other of our country friends would think I was far gone in uppishness if they knew that I never touch fish with a steel knife; and it wouldn't mend the matter much to tell them that the combination of flavours is disagreeable to me – it hardly suits the doctrine of liberty and equality that my palate should be so much nicer than theirs."
  • "From the edge of the small waves Somers heard one man talking to another, and the English tones — unconsciously he expected a foreign language — and particularly the peculiar educated – artisan quality, almost a kind of uppishness that there is in the speech of Australian working men, struck him as incongruous with their picking up the coal – cobs from the shore."
  • "Offers of pipes, clasp-knives, tobacco, etc., rained upon him from the very men who had cuffed and kicked him like a dog but a few days before; and even his refusal of these gifts, which would formerly have been set down to conceit and "uppishness," was now taken in perfectly good part."