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Definition of "unexpressible" [un•ex•press•i•ble]

  • Impossible to express. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unexpressible" in a sentence
  • "The death that is in the curse is put into his hand to manage it, to the dread and terror of sinners; and by it he bath always kept many, and to this day doth keep innumerable souls in unexpressible bondage, putting them upon barbarous inhumanities to make atonement for their sins, and forcing some to inflict revenge and destruction upon themselves, thinking to prevent, but really hastening, that which they fear."
  • "It was at such an hour, and in such a state of tranquillity I sat, when, to my unexpressible amazement,"
  • "Hitherto, although many, both ministers, gentlemen and others, had endured unexpressible hardships and severities, yet few or none suffered to the death, save that noble peer, the Marquis of _Argyle_, who was condemned by the parliament 1661, and beheaded _May_ 27th; and the"