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Definition of "unexampled" []

  • Without precedent; unparalleled: "Witchcraft blazed forth with unexampled virulence” ( Montague Summers). (adjective)

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Use "unexampled" in a sentence
  • "There was no want of local talent to supply the vacancy so unexpectedly and painfully made by the removal of Captain Spiers, but a combination of curious circumstances, and chiefly the state of transition which at the moment characterised the politics of the two most likely candidates, left the field open for a stranger, while the enthusiasm felt in this part of the island for the new Prime Minister made it almost a matter of course that the vacant seat should be conferred, on terms unexampled for magnanimity and ease, upon that statesman who had been singled out for the post of Home Secretary by Mr. Gladstone, but who, having been thrown overboard at the general election by the new constituency of"
  • "The reason was -- into which he had lived, quite intimately, by the end of a quarter-of-an-hour -- that just this truth of their safety offered it now a kind of unexampled receptacle, letting it spread and spread, but at the same time elastically enclosing it, banking it in, for softness, as with billows of eiderdown."
  • "Morris's easy, elegant prose changes gear when disasters loom: disasters such as the British retreat from Kabul after the first Afghan war, described by historian Sir John Kaye as "the most terrible in the history of British arms and a completion of a tragedy whose awful completeness was unexampled in the history of the world"."