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Definition of "undepressed" [undepressed]

  • Not pressed down; not lowered; not sunk below the surface.
  • Not depressed, dejected, or cast down.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "undepressed" in a sentence
  • "The writing enterprise seemed to me self-evidently a desperate one, and though my mother and I - both only children – had been desperate enough to undertake it, I thought my children, raised in a gentler, undepressed, gregarious world, would seek out less chancy and more orthodox professions."
  • "A species of blank interval, a nod or fugue in which he was neither depressed nor undepressed, not struggling to finish a thought nor to begin one."
  • "As I related, that argument began to fail when word leaked out that, in clinical trials that Pfizer withheld from the FDA and again in a test by David Healy, undepressed patients experienced the same symptoms that had been blamed on depression."