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Definition of "unassuaged" []

  • Not assuaged; not calmed, appeased, mitigated, alleviated, satisfied or diminished. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "unassuaged" in a sentence
  • "Given the outrage which the discovery that a significant proportion of our MPs were living high on the hog at public expense caused, let us think a moment how we might to our eternal advantage deflect the outrage of our citizens (which, given the continuing lack of contrition of most MPs about their larcenies, is as yet unassuaged) from those undoubted swine onto the State as a whole."
  • "And since the example was set on high and citizens mysteriously but constantly take the princes 'behavior as the standard for their own, it's the guarantee of a feverish, unassuaged, confrontational society where resentment and hatred will rapidly become the last ties of the social contract."
  • "Faramir dies, Boromir lives with his guilt unassuaged or not, I can see excellent dramatic potential either way"