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Definition of "unapproachableness" [unapproachableness]

  • The character of being unapproachable. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "unapproachableness" in a sentence
  • "Elijah — and ascended that magnificent climax of the wind, the earthquake, the fire, and the still small voice, his deep tones echoed past with such apparent disregard of her existence, that his presence inspired her with a forlorn sense of unapproachableness, which his absence would hardly have been able to cause."
  • "The sheer unapproachableness and otherworldliness of God as he is revealed in the heavens does little to warm the heart of the observer and does even less to allay his fears and instruct his mind."
  • "Will the Darwinian investigations thus also make all possible discoveries _by the way_, but in place of that which they look for, in place of a common pedigree or of a few pedigrees for all organisms, finally only give additional strength to the permanence of species and the unapproachableness of the secret of their origin?"