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Definition of "ululation" []

  • A long, loud, mournful cry or howl. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ululation" in a sentence
  • "Suddenly she threw back her head, pointed her sharp muzzle to the sky, and gave voice to the long-drawn ululation which is the battle-cry of wolves."
  • "Gatz - I didn't think to save my entry before submitting it ... but it was to do with the thrill of discovering new music (and Tinariwen set me off on a monumental world music quest so felt legitimate to say something so seemingly cliched) then being accused of 'ululation' by the wife when caught singing along to it ..."
  • "Beyond Mr Jefferson's high black hat, through those tangled dew-drops of flame, Mr Goosevort saw golden hair glide softly through the oasis of bodies gathered vaguely round the stage, Mr Umberto and Mrs. Jefferson laughed again together, and Mr Howle's mournful ululation could be heard adrift a lake of rabble... golden hair turning away and fluttering into the shadow of a winding stairway."