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Definition of "turn up" []

  • To show up; to appear suddenly or unexpectedly. (verb)
  • To increase the amount of something by means of a control, such as the volume, heat, or light. (verb)
  • To reposition by rotating, flipping, etc. upwards. (verb)
  • To belay or make fast a line on a cleat or pin. (verb)
  • A stroke of good luck. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "turn up" in a sentence
  • "As he preceded her into the small parlor and reached to turn up the lamp she saw on his wrist and hand livid purple-brown bruises, as though impossibly powerful fingers had all but crushed the bones."
  • "In an effort to stop worrying, do we just manufacture some sort of emotionalized faith, quote some Bible verses, and turn up the “praise” music on the radio?"
  • "Harry Humphreys and Sam Hussey turn up on some Saturdays, while Joey Long debarks the logs."