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Definition of "tuatara" [tu•a•ta•ra]

  • Either of two nocturnal lizardlike reptiles (Sphenodon punctatus or S. guntheri) that are found only on certain islands off New Zealand and are the only extant members of the Rhynchocephalia, an order that flourished during the Mesozoic Era. Also called sphenodon. (noun)

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Use "tuatara" in a sentence
  • "One endangered reptile in an order of its own, called a tuatara, has a light receptive organ on its head; almost like a third eye."
  • "In your mind, you're walking past the entrance to the Matterhorn, past the statue by the bucket fountain which nobody can ever agree on, as to if it's a frog or a tuatara, which is quite bizarre, you realise now, considering how utterly different they are."
  • "Henry the tuatara is a dad at 111 - Australasia, World - The Independent"