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Definition of "troop" []

  • A group or company of people, animals, or things. See Synonyms at band2, flock1. (noun)
  • A group of soldiers. (noun)
  • Military units; soldiers. (noun)
  • A unit of cavalry, armored vehicles, or artillery in a European army, corresponding to a platoon in the U.S. Army. (noun)
  • A unit of at least five Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts under the guidance of an adult leader. (noun)

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Use "troop" in a sentence
  • "As you draw down through July, you then pause with that new force structure, you do what they call a troop-to-task analysis to see if you have enough troops or the right type against the right task to continue the mission."
  • "Senate Republicans saying the troop surge, what they call the troop surge, is turning things around."
  • "In analyzing what we call troop to task, meaning what do you need to do and how many folks do you need to do it -- in analyzing that, General Casey and his Iraqi counterparts have determined that there are more forces needed, more Iraqi forces for sure."