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Definition of "thymus" [thymus ]

  • A small glandular organ that is situated behind the top of the breastbone, consisting mainly of lymphatic tissue and serving as the site of T cell differentiation. The thymus increases gradually in size and activity until puberty, becoming vestigial thereafter. (noun)

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Use "thymus" in a sentence
  • "There are several things that can cause the thymus to atrophy, or decrease in size, which in turn leads to an insufficient number of these regulatory T cells being educated to keep an eye on other T cells."
  • "Millions of T cells are “educated” in your thymus to perform specific roles—such as, say, to recognize and eradicate an infiltrating influenza-A germ or food-borne bacteria like salmonella from your body, as well as hundreds of other antigens with which your body may come into contact."
  • "It is in the thymus that T cells mature before they enter your bloodstream."