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Definition of "thrasher" [thrash•er]

  • Any of various New World songbirds of the genus Toxostoma, related to the mockingbird and having a long tail, a long curved beak, and usually a brown head and back. (noun)

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Use "thrasher" in a sentence
  • "The thrasher is a strong fish, twenty feet long, and of great weight."
  • "As a machine that German workmen have invented and that is called a thrasher, but is at the same time a chopper — it has chains and knives, and cuts up the straw and thrashes the grain at the same time — so did Sprinkler and Razor work together, slaughtering their enemies, one from above and the other from below."
  • "They are very mischievious, but the second enemy is much more terrible and irresistible; it is the killer, sometimes called the thrasher, a species of whales about thirty feet long."