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Definition of "thallium" [thal•li•um]

  • A soft, malleable, highly toxic metallic element, used in photocells, infrared detectors, low-melting glass, and formerly in rodent and ant poisons. Atomic number 81; atomic weight 204.38; melting point 303.5°C; boiling point 1,457°C; specific gravity 11.85; valence 1, 3. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "thallium" in a sentence
  • "The name thallium comes from the Greek word thallios which means a green twig, which is a reference to this green line."
  • "JOHN HENRY, CLINICAL TOXICOLOGIST: You could call thallium poisoning chemical torture."
  • "Her son, Sipho, was poisoned with a rare substance called thallium, while in detention with a friend, Topsy"