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Definition of "suspensor" [sus•pen•sor]

  • Botany A multicellular filamentous structure developed from a zygote in seed-bearing plants and connecting the embryo to the endosperm. (noun)
  • An athletic supporter. (noun)

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Use "suspensor" in a sentence
  • "The germinal vesicle now secretes a wall, divides into two parts, and while the rest of the embyro-sac fills with endosperm cells, it produces by cell division from the upper half a short row of cells termed a suspensor, and from the lower half a mass of cells constituting the embryo."
  • "Operating long-dormant controls, he managed to get the dual bank of suspensor engines functioning."
  • "In Dicotyledons the shoot of the embryo is wholly derived from the terminal cell of the pro-embryo, from the next cell the root arises, and the remaining ones form the suspensor."
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