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Definition of "strangeness" [strange•ness]

  • The quality or condition of being strange. (noun)
  • Physics A quantum number equal to hypercharge minus baryon number, indicating the possible transformations of an elementary particle upon strong interaction with another elementary particle. (noun)

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Use "strangeness" in a sentence
  • "We're suspending our disbelief anyway; we know that this strangeness is all a conceit and therefore "could not have happened" (we can hardly ignore the clear literalisation of the figurative that the story is built around, that "dead car" metaphor of daily language), but we are playing the game of all fiction, strange or otherwise, pretending that it "could have happened"."
  • ""Which 'Labyrinth' Character are you?" brought to you by Quizilla and who couldn't love being compared to this guy? possibly not for obvious reasons, but the strangeness is attractive * smiles* or something ... am not rambling today: P"
  • "Perhaps it is better to let the musicality of Lorca's language flow over you, catching up later with Ms. Svich's English rendering to remember what she describes as the strangeness but also the "lucid wakefulness of Lorca's writing.""