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Definition of "straggler" [strag•gler]

  • One who straggles, or departs from the direct or proper course, or from the company to which he belongs. (noun)
  • One who falls behind the rest. (noun)
  • One who rambles without any settled direction. (noun)
  • A roving vagabond. (noun)
  • Something that shoots, or spreads out, beyond the rest, or too far; an exuberant growth. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "straggler" in a sentence
  • "No enemy fighters sighted - thank God - because a straggler is a dead duck."
  • "No such luck … I was a math straggler from the get-go."
  • "At this rate, it has been calculated that our passenger-pigeon might go to Europe in three days; indeed, a straggler is said to have been actually shot in Scotland."