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Definition of "sporangium" [‖Spo•ran•gi•um]

  • A single-celled or many-celled structure in which spores are produced, as in fungi, algae, mosses, and ferns. Also called spore case. (noun)

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Use "sporangium" in a sentence
  • "Later, the inner of these two layers becomes disorganized, so that the central mass of cells floats free in the cavity of the sporangium, which is now surrounded by but a single layer of cells (_E_)."
  • "At the end of each of its branches it bears a cone made of scaly leaves; and fixed to the inside of each of these leaves is a case called a sporangium, full of little spores or moss-seeds, as we may call them, though they are not exactly like true seeds."
  • "The most common form is the sporangium, which is usually stalked and ends in a capsule containing the spores"