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Definition of "solenoid" []

  • A current-carrying coil of wire that acts like a magnet when a current passes through it. (noun)
  • An assembly used as a switch, consisting of a coil and a metal core free to slide along the coil axis under the influence of the magnetic field. (noun)

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Use "solenoid" in a sentence
  • "So far, injector technology has been catagorized as either "solenoid" or "piezo" In both cases, the injector needle is moved via a hydraulic circuit controlled by a valve that is set in motion by an actuator-either a 'solenoid' device or a 'piezo' device."
  • "a solenoid is a spiral of insulating wire wound around a cylinder."
  • "The solenoid is a large magnet, generating a 4 Telsa magnetic field (100,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field) with a total stored energy of 2.66 GigaJoules (equivalent to half a tonne of TNT), and is responsible for our ability to observe tracks and measure the energy of charged particles."