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Definition of "sea-moss" []

  • A kind of compound polyzoan or bryozoan; an aggregate of moss-animalcules forming a mossy mat or tract; any such bryozoan or moss-animal. See cuts under Polyzoa and Plumatella. (noun)
  • In botany: (noun)
  • Irish moss, or carrageen. (noun)
  • Same as seaweed. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "sea-moss" in a sentence
  • "Other fishes feed habitually on mud or sea-weed or sea-moss or the so-called stalk-weed or growing plants; as for instance, the phycis, the goby, and the rock-fish; and, by the way, the only meat that the phycis will touch is that of prawns."
  • "The murex lives for about fifty days after capture; during this period they feed off one another, as there grows on the shell a kind of sea-weed or sea-moss; if any food is thrown to them during this period, it is said to be done not to keep them alive, but to make them weigh more."
  • "Trafford had heard him recite; bits of paper, with sums and solutions traced thereon; copies of the fine and feathery sea-moss, which it was the boy's delight to gather, with odd pebbles and shells, met his gaze on either hand."
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