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Definition of "scapulohumeral" []

  • Of or pertaining to the scapula and the humerus: as, the scapulohumeral articulation (that is, the shoulder-joint).

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "scapulohumeral" in a sentence
  • "The suprascapular nerve is rather frequently injured causing partial or complete loss of function of the structures supplied by this nerve, and abduction of the scapulohumeral joint naturally results."
  • "The larger tendon inserts to the summit of the trochanter major of the femur and corresponds to the biceps brachii in the action of the latter on the scapulohumeral joint, except that the gluteus medius, in attaching to the femoral trochanter, exerts its effect as a lever of the first class."
  • "The scapulohumeral articulation (shoulder joint) is an enarthrodial"