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Definition of "salicylate" [sal•i•cyl•ate]

  • A salt or ester of salicylic acid. (noun)

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Use "salicylate" in a sentence
  • "And she died from an overdose of methyl salicylate, which is the active ingredient in Bengay and many other of those sports balms."
  • "Salicylate 1-monooxygenase 1 Nomenclature EC number Systematic name salicylate, NADH: oxygen oxidoreductase (1-hydroxylating, decarboxylating) Recommended name salicylate 1-monooxygenase Synonyms oxygenase, salicylate 1-mono - salicylate 1-hydroxylase salicylate hydroxylase (decarboxylating) salicylate monooxygenase salicylic hydroxylase CAS registry number 9059-28-3 2 Source Organism"
  • "According to a recent National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), when walnut trees are stressed, they emit methyl salicylate, which is a chemical form of aspirin."