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Definition of "rooker" []

  • A sharper; a cheat; a swindler. (noun)
  • An L-shaped implement used by bakers to withdraw ashes from the oven. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "rooker" in a sentence
  • "I supported you prior to Nov 07 but i am sorry to say that you disappointed me by allowing a rooker to outwit you."
  • "Then I put in my complaint and every chasso said it was prob - ably your Humble Narrator, brothers, that started it all anyway, me having no mark of a scratch on me but this hor - rible plenny dipping red red krovvy from the rot where I'd got him with my clawing rooker."
  • "Those two were unplattied and smecking fit to crack in no time at all, and they thought it the bolshiest fun to viddy old Uncle Alex standing there all nagoy and pan-handled, squirting the hypo - dermic like some bare doctor, then giving myself the old jab of growling jungle-cat secretion in the rooker."