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Definition of "rivality" [ri•val•i•ty]

  • Rivalry; competition (noun)
  • Equality, as of right or rank (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "rivality" in a sentence
  • "Obama, will give an excellent example for a strong and confident leader who could easily rule out the slighetest bitter feelings or the suspecion of renewed rivality, which for sure, would cross the mind of of any human being passing such unprecedented exhausting campeign."
  • "I always ask him to bring some Cava (you know, because of that eternal rivality between french and spanish) but I supose that if in the same room you can have Cary Grant and Christopher Walken, what you drink is not much important ..."
  • "Pompey, presently denied him rivality; would not let him partake in the glory of the action: and not resting here, accuses him of letters he had formerly wrote to Pompey; upon his own appeal, seizes him: so the poor third is up, till death enlarge his confine."
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