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Definition of "requesters" [requesters]

  • Plural form of requester. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "requesters" in a sentence
  • "This looked new requesters at a specific interval between September and October of 2010 with the assumption that long-term requesters are not spammers."
  • "Someone will post the email address for unsubbing, while someone else calls the requesters idiots, and soon lively if not exactly civilized comments on the intelligence, cleanliness, and ancestry of each poster fly back and forth, causing more and more people to demand to be unsubbed from the list."
  • "Mechanical Turk allows "requesters" to pay for the aggregate services of workers to complete online tasks that do not typically require highly-skilled labor but which are not well-suited to fully-automated programs -- like editing, photo tagging, and transcription."