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Definition of "red-necked" []

  • Having a red neck.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "red-necked" in a sentence
  • "The Tasmanians subsisted largely by hunting seals, red-necked wallabies (a close relative of the kangaroo), and wombats (a four-legged, furry marsupial)."
  • "From the stories I heard, the thing killed almost as many critters as a North Dakota winter ... toward the end there Elmer posed as much danger to the shooter as he did the target, so he found an easy retirement above a doorway with the firing pins welded up ... and every time somebody new see's him, the question is posed, "What the hell is that red-necked contraption ...?""
  • "How about if we send all of the ignorant, loud-mouthed, red-necked racists TO Mexico and let all of the hard-woking, but illegal, Mexicans stay and become legal?"
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