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Definition of "red-breasted" [red-breasted]

  • Having a red or reddish breast.
  • A misnomer of the American woodcock, Philohela minor.
  • Same as redbreast, 3.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "red-breasted" in a sentence
  • "Below each drawing I compose a cryptogram, a hybrid of pig Latin, English, and French, neatly labeling each picture in tiny calligraphic script: Binrobatus rouge for red-breasted robin, Chicadeenus chapeaunoir for the little black-capped chickadee."
  • "At a sale hosted by Christie's in New York in 2007, a record $856,000 was paid for a red-breasted merganser hen made in the 1870s by famed carver Lothrop Holmes, who worked as a cemetery superintendent in Massachusetts."
  • "These red-breasted mergansers, drawn by Neal Anderson, are sometimes called "punk ducks.""