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Definition of "rectangularity" [rec•tan•gu•lar•i•ty]

  • The condition of being rectangular (noun)
  • A rectangular form (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "rectangularity" in a sentence
  • "Personally, I would have trouble living up to its rectangularity and its imperative on clinical order."
  • "To clarify my above discussion of rectangularity, it references David Friedman's mention of the Coombs building, which has a non-rectangular plan which David Friedman finds disorienting and I am sure I would too - I was fairly disoriented when I went on a group tour of the Pentagon."
  • "Like the dream figure, he was a study in contradiction, his shabby elegance not quite real, his rectangularity that of a grandiose poseur sitting in a soup kitchen."