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Definition of "reciprocatory" [reciprocatory]

  • Going backward and forward; alternating in direction or in action; reciprocating: opposed to rotatory.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "reciprocatory" in a sentence
  • "The motion is similar, not being continuously revolving, but reciprocatory, and the method is customary in all the rice-eating regions except India, and is well known in parts of the latter, though not universal."
  • "Mañgguáñgan, sent me a few days later a present of a chicken and about two glassfuls of sugarcane brew, and would not accept a reciprocatory gift of beads and jingle bells that I sent him."
  • "The following day, or whenever the payment has been completed, begins the reciprocatory payment [12] in which the bride's relatives return to those of the bridegroom a certain amount of goods varying in value, but approximately one-half of what has been paid as the marriage portion."
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