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Definition of "reaction-time" [reaction-time]

  • The time between the application of a stimulus and some reaction, as when a signal is rendered on the perception of some sensation. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "reaction-time" in a sentence
  • "A review of reaction-time data for the 2004 games in Athens found a marked effect: Runners in lane one had an average reaction time of 160 milliseconds, whereas those in lane one got away in 171 milliseconds and sprinters in lane seven took 185 milliseconds to get off the blocks."
  • "Maybe you should have to get an eye and reaction-time exam every 3 years after a certain age in order to maintain your license."
  • "The interface was clunky and irritating, the narrative kept stopping for you to do almost irrelevant reaction-time tests to avoid situations that you were put in by cut-scenes..."
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