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Definition of "raree-show" [rar•ee-show]

  • A show carried about in a box; a peep show. (noun)

Gnu Collaboartive International Dictionary of English: licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Use "raree-show" in a sentence
  • "They would have done so, doubt it not, if they belonged to the many who gaze on those very triumphs as on a raree-show to feed their silly wonder, or use and enjoy them without thankfulness or understanding, as the ox eats the clover thrust into his rack, without knowing or caring how it grew."
  • "Then of course we had that incredible raree-show put on by Nixon and his various well-wishers, and the thing that surprised me the most was how shocked the silent majority was that the wheels had come off."
  • "The raree-show on the patio was entertaining as always, but to Cassidy the important thing was that he was near the ocean and there was a pleasant breeze."