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Definition of "pyroxylin" [py•rox•y•lin]

  • A highly flammable nitrocellulose used in the manufacture of collodion, plastics, and lacquers. (noun)

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Use "pyroxylin" in a sentence
  • "Creative and innovative, always interested in new techniques and materials, Siqueiros frequently used pyroxylin, a substance related to gun-cotton, which dries with amazing speed."
  • "With a barely audible fumpf, one hundred grams of pyroxylin thermite ignited, propelling the case-hardened penetrator tip into the thick metal panel, instantly vaporizing the lock, bolt, and latch with a jet of 2,800-degree molten tungsten."
  • "These nitrates are variously known as nitrocellulose, pyroxylin, and gun cotton."