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Definition of "public knowledge" []

  • Knowledge that is available to anyone (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "public knowledge" in a sentence
  • "That Colavaere of House Saighan wanted the Sun Throne was no secret; she had schemed for it from the day Galldrian Riatin was assassinated, before Rand had even declared himself the Dragon Reborn, and kept scheming after it became public knowledge that Rand meant the throne for Elayne."
  • "* This became public knowledge several years later, and the National Broccoli Growers delivered two tons of the stuff to the South Grounds of the White House."
  • "What I am about to share was not part of my formal research when the event happened; most of this information is public knowledge now, though, and I am simply recounting my biographical as well as autobiographic perspective."