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Definition of "prosyllogism" []

  • A syllogism that is preliminary or logically essential to another syllogism. (noun)
  • The conclusion of such a syllogism, which becomes a premise of the following syllogism. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "prosyllogism" in a sentence
  • "If we use the third figure, we shall take as premisses, all E is B, some E is not C, and this premiss again will be proved by a similar prosyllogism."
  • "If F and D are identical, A will belong to none of the Es by a prosyllogism: for since the negative proposition is convertible, and F is identical with D, A will belong to none of the Fs, but F belongs to all E."
  • "Now as this rule may itself be subjected to the same process of reason, and thus the condition of the condition be sought (by means of a prosyllogism) as long as the process can be continued, it is very manifest that the peculiar principle of reason in its logical use is to find for the conditioned cognition of the understanding the unconditioned whereby the unity of the former is completed."