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Definition of "prorogator" []

  • In astral., the hyleg; the giver of life. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "prorogator" in a sentence
  • "A common variant on or adjunct to the prorogator is the Lord of the Year, which is the strongest planet in the horoscopic diagram; it travels at the same rate as does the prorogator and, as it moves with respect to the other, stable elements of the horoscopic diagram, determines the events of each year."
  • "Hellenistic and of Sassano-Arab astrology; the lots have already been mentioned, and to them may be added the prorogator, the Lord of the Year, and the triplicities as employed by Dorotheus."
  • "It travels, at the rate of one degree of oblique ascension in a year, toward either the ascendent or descendent point; and as it comes into conjunction with a malefic planet, or is aspected by one, the native's life is threatened or perhaps even destroyed; at any rate he dies when the prorogator has reached the point which was on the horizon in the horoscopic diagram."