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Definition of "promptitude" [prompt•i•tude]

  • The quality of being prompt; alacrity. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "promptitude" in a sentence
  • "To accomplish his design without delay – for promptitude is the earnest of success – and to avoid a surprise from the English lieutenant at Bothwell (who, hearing of the recontre before the castle, might choose to demand his men's prisoner), Murray determined to take Ker with him; and, disguised as peasants, as soon as darkness should shroud their movements, proceed to Drumshargard."
  • "His object was, by promptitude, which is ever the companion of victory, to anticipate the preparations of Nayan, and, by falling upon him while single, destroy his power with more certainty and effect than after he should have been joined by Kaidu."
  • ""Look alive, lads!" is the only word uttered, and the helmeted heroes, knowing their work well, go into action with that cool promptitude which is more than half the battle in attacking the most desperate odds or the fiercest foe."