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Definition of "prius" [prius]

  • That which necessarily goes before; a precondition. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "prius" in a sentence
  • "It's a good concept but just like anything battery powered, the batter life after a while sucks lucky to get an hour out of a full charge, won't charge, charger end breaks, you take the bike some where and forget the charger, so you can't charge the bike, you ride through the woods quietly and another one comes through and you collide. instead of being able to hear one comming .. i mean come on, its bad enough the honda prius is quiet and will allow teens to sneak away at night."
  • "Yesterday's term was nisi prius, which is defined as:"
  • "Made me wonder if it had a pop-out camper in the back. just now, -0 / +1I dunno, I think it looks nearly the same as the prius, which isn't really a looker either."