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Definition of "prisoner" []

  • A person held in custody, captivity, or a condition of forcible restraint, especially while on trial or serving a prison sentence. (noun)
  • One deprived of freedom of expression or action: "He was a prisoner of his own personality—of that given set of traits that . . . predisposed him to see the world in a certain way, to make certain moves, certain choices” ( William H. Hallahan). (noun)

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Use "prisoner" in a sentence
  • "But, the judge advocate having made the above statement to the court, from which it appeared that the prosecutor, as such, objected to any adjournment, and from the same statement it appearing also to the court, that the commanding general thought an adjournment to the first of December less prejudicial to the service than an adjournment for three months — the eourt did adjourn for the longer period, either for the greater accommodation of the prisoner, or out of respeet to the interests of the service: for neither reason is ex - pressed in the decision — nor does it appear that any objec - tion was made at the thiie by the prisoner*"
  • "Politicians still balk at the term prisoner swap though political sources say it's certainly an option."
  • "Guatemala is a country where the term prisoner was unknown; it has not existed in 50 years."