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Definition of "potash" []

  • See potassium carbonate. (noun)
  • See potassium hydroxide. (noun)
  • Any of several compounds containing potassium, especially soluble compounds such as potassium oxide, potassium chloride, and various potassium sulfates, used chiefly in fertilizers. (noun)

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Use "potash" in a sentence
  • "While on this subject of caustic potash, it cannot be too often repeated that _caustic potash_ is a totally different article to _caustic soda_, though just like it in appearance, and therefore often sold as such."
  • "Thus, for instance, all those salts which are formed by the combination of the sulphuric acid with any of the salifiable bases are called _sulphats_, and the name of the radical is added for the specific distinction of the salt; if it be potash, it will compose a _sulphat of potash_; if ammonia, _sulphat of ammonia_,  &c."
  • "But it is commonly obtained from blood, by strongly heating that substance with caustic potash; the alkali attracts the acid from the blood, and forms with it a _prussiat of potash_."
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