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Definition of "pombe" [pombe]

  • A kind of beer made throughout central and eastern Africa. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "pombe" in a sentence
  • "Accordingly the chief brought a huge basket of "pombe," the native beer, and another of "nsima," or porridge, and a pot of cooked meat; to these were added a large basket of maize."
  • "I also arrived at a time when the Krogan lab, more specifically Assen Roguev (twitter feed), has been working to develop genetic interaction assays for S. pombe (Roguev A 2007)."
  • "Finally we compiled recently published genetic interaction data for S. pombe (from Assen Roguev's work) and for S. cerevisiae (from Dorothea Fiedler's work) in addition to some novel genetic data produced for this work."
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